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Due to Covid -19 and the change in council, operations have slowed significantly. Thank you for your patience.

We are the Saponi-Catawba Nation and our purpose is to continue our tribal entity with government to government relationships. As a people, we strive to enrich our cultural and educational base in order to cultivate our language, culture, crafts, and music in keeping up with our Saponi-Catawba Nation heritage.

     We are a tribal Nation composed of descendants and heirs of the historic Saponi-Catawba Nation. Our people were first found in the original Ohio Valley. Many moved to the Virginia-Carolina Piedmont region upon European encroachment. We are part of the Great Sioux Nation both in the plains and south-east whose origins were of the Ohio River Valley



A Brief Background

       The Saponi-Catawba Nation is an Indigenous North American Tribal Nation that occupied what has become the great State of Ohio, long before any European explorers, settlers or encroachment occurred. Ohio was and still is the place we call home.

       We are culturally and ethnically, the Saponi-Catawba Nation, the Ohio Valley Sioux, according to our historic documents, our ancestors and traditions. American archeologists and anthropologists confirm that the Tutelo and Saponi are the same people.

       Our ancestors are documented as the Tutelo / Totero / Totera that occupied the Ohio Valley in Southeastern Ohio from c.a. 1100 AD to 1700 AD.

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Criteria For Membership

(A) Must be a descendant from the Core Communities of the Historic Saponi Catawba Nation and Catawba Allied Tribes, otherwise by Tribal adoption.

(B) Must be a descendant from our Core Communities, within a fifty mile radius, or The Southern Ohio Region

(C) Must descend from the core names:

Blevis, Bowling, Boling, Branham, Brown, Burnett, Byrd, Chavis, Coker, Collins, Corn, Cousins, Croker, Dempsey, Dixon, Dixson, FInley, Gibson, Goings, Goins, Griffin, Guy, Harris, Hart, Haithcock, Haskins, Hawkins, Henson, Holly, Howell, Hughes, James, Jeffries, Jeffries, Johnson, Jones, Keels, McKeels, Keeton, Liggins, Long, Mabra, Mabry, Marsh, Martin, Mason, Matthews, McDaniel, McKeel, Mckinney, Moss, Newman, Nichols, Parker, Pettiford, Pitts, Ragland, Rickman, Richardson, Riddle, Robbins, Robinson, Saunders, Sanders, Scott, Simmons, Sizemore, Spears, Stevens, Stills, Valentine, Vaughn, Viney, Watkins, Watson, Whitt, Whitmore, Winborn and variants of those surnames




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Upcoming Events
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"In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next 7 generations"


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